Health Care Medicines

  1. Painkiller Medicine

    Painkiller Medicine is the medication that belongs to the group of analgesics drug and is indicated for providing temporary or long term relief from pain of various forms. This medication may include paracetamol, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and opioid drugs. It is helpful in providing relief from mild to extreme pain conditions such as headache, period’s pain, joint & muscle pain, injury, fever, sprain, or infection pain. This medicine is available in the form of tablets, oral suspension, sterile liquid for injection, and topical ointments.
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  2. Antibiotics Medicine

    Antibiotics Medicine is the antibacterial drug that is indicated for the treatment as well as prevention of various types of bacterial infections. This medication is prescribed only for bacterial infections and not for viral infections such as influenza or common cold. It works by killing the bacteria and preventing it from re-appearing in the body. This antibacterial medication may have some mild & temporary side effects and the dosage depends on the condition as well as severity of the patient.
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  3. Antacids Medicine

    Antacids Medicine is formulated for providing relief in various stomach disorders due to increased stomach acid such as pain, heartburn, indigestions, stomach upset, and other such conditions. This medicine is also indicated for providing relief from symptoms of extra gas such as bloating, belching, and feelings of pressure/discomfort in the stomach/gut. It is available in both liquid and tablet form for easy administration and absorption in the body. This medication works by neutralizing the stomach acidity that in turn reduces the damage to the stomach and provides relief from the pain.
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  4. Antioxidants Medicine

    Antioxidants Medicine is the medication that helps in protecting the body from damage that is caused by harmful molecules called free radicals. It includes a wide range of vitamins, nutrients, minerals, or flavonoids and is available in various forms such as tablets, oral suspension, powdered supplements, or liquid for injections. This medication plays an important role in managing or preventing various medical conditions such as macular degeneration, Alzheimer's disease, some cancers, and some arthritis-related conditions. It is helpful in boosting the metabolism, immunity, and stamina of the body as well as helps the proper development and healthy growth of the body.
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  5. Isotretinoin Capsules

    Isotretinoin Capsules are the medication indicated for the treatment of severe cystic acne that is also known as nodular acne. They reduce and help in providing relief from acne by decreasing the facial oil (sebum) production that can lead to severe acne when produced in high amounts. These capsules contain Isotretinoin as the active ingredient that belongs to the class of drugs known as retinoid. They are administered orally and get easily absorbed by the body without any ill effects.
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